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School Savers Club

School Savers Club

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School Savers Club gives you the chance to save over the whole year to provide your children with new and uptodate school uniform.

This is really simple. We will help you save your money, by putting it in our School Savers Club. 

If you save just £5 per week from September 1st to July 1st the next year, you have £215 to spend on your children's school uniform. 

£10 per month is still £100, which will go someway to easing the burden of a large one-off payment. 

The School Savers Club allows you to save what you can, when you can, whether that be online, or in our shop. 

All your payments are saved in your account, so it's safe and available for you to spend when you're ready.

Simply select the amount, and pay with your card and we shall keep it safe for you. 

Welcome to the club!

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